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Today we didn’t see patients but we managed two emergencies and did a lot of the work required to keep a small dental practice running behind the scenes. In this case, that means a little studying of biofilms, desensitizing agents and caries prevention with rinses and dentifrice. And of course several hours by our Accounts Manager, Anita, dealing with helping insurance companies do their job and pay for their clients’ dental work. If people only knew the hours our and all dental teams put into something simple like their insurer doing their job they would be amazed.

I’ve also been listening to the “new” St.Vincent album. It is a real piece of work. I also just found out she was a guitarist for many years with the little known Polyphonic Spree as well as Sufjan Stevens the Chicago based singer-songwriter of whom I am a fan.

I also need to learn how to change this blog title, as its name was really meant to be my last post’s title and I really don’t know the name of this blog yet. We also need a way to push content from the web like music haha.