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Mondays and Fridays alike can be very crazy with emergencies at the dental office. Luckily today we have had only a few. I am reminded of a particular situation that rings true with almost all of my experiences with maintaining anything that you would like to have for a long time. The same can be said of one’s teeth. I pride myself on being able to “make things work” for people and fitting great dental work into their budget.

That being said we had a situation today where we tried to make something work for someone instead of doing what I had recommended a short while ago…..and now we are exactly where I thought we would be with that person’s dental condition. We need to as much as possible do the best thing we can the end result is much more important than either “insurance coverage” or deductibles. Duct taping things together is not the way to get a reliable result. The final solution is much more important than “what’s the cheapest thing” and the “cheapest thing” is most often not the best thing.

In the office, we’ve mostly been listening to Pandora stations of Christmas music, either a She and Him Christmas station or an Anita Baker Christmas station.