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We are usually closed here at East Springs on Wednesdays. But at the end and the beginning of the year, we are often very very busy with things that have been let go for far too long. I have a love-hate relationship with these situations. Large amounts of decay, folks who are suddenly beset with dental needs they avoided for so long. As a dentist, I hate that part, but as a dentist, I also love being able to be fast, efficient and single-minded at repairing these situations. Today we will be restoring a young man’s front teeth that will require root canal therapy, fillings, and all porcelain crowns. Like a lot of people this young man has a lot on his mind and has been in and out of the dental chair over the years. I hope this particular situation will help turn into one of my patients who sees the value of consistently going to the dentist and maintaining one’s smile rather than putting out fires every two to three years.

We are still listening to holiday music in the office but my patient rooms seem to be revolting a little bit and some classic stones and mo-town have appeared. My office has had the latest Bon Iver album, self-titled Bon Iver on rotation heavily. I’ll be including this with some of the other “best of” albums of the year in my brother’s Christmas gifts. When you stop and consider that Justin (pretty much Bon Iver) had such a heavy part in making Kanye West’s amazing album this year you start to get a sense this guy is a powerful force in music. His cover of “I Can’t Make You Love Me” by Bonni Riatt is amazing.