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The last few days we have had to deal with some dental heroics that were done for patients in the past. The number of “Baby Boomers” who have teeth that have very extensive past procedures is large. Many of these folks had large fillings, usually mercury, placed in their teeth in their teens, twenties, and thirties.
Those fillings then had to be replaced often with crowns. Years later they would need root canals, posts and crowns. Unfortunately, the only replacements often for these failed products are titanium implants.

Implants are a great service that we often do here at East Springs Dental. But unfortunately due to circumstances of the patient we are not always able to do these for certain patients. As with this gentleman I was speaking with, we often are either making or adding teeth to removable partial dentures.

I hope that we see a day where dentures or removable partial dentures are a thing of the past but unfortunately that does not seem likely. This is where preventative care becomes so very important. If we can delay the age that the individual gets their first filling due to dental caries.

We’ve mostly been listening to a lot of classic rock at the office this week with a little bit of modern jazz and town tempo rock/Lounge like Zero 7.