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Realistic Goals are very important in the practice of any career or art. Dentistry is difficult sometimes because one does not always have the ability to be perfect. The human body does not function within a vacuum and one needs to deal with that fact. Teeth and smiles may be multi-colored. Stained by external forces or internal, angled or malposed in a way that although nature allowed it, was not necessarily designed that way. I have been to cosmetic courses that discuss the angle and shape of the anterior teeth being related to the golden proportion or golden mean often seen in art. But a great number of my restorative patients’ bodies and dentition have not necessarily followed that manual.

My expanded duties assistant often places a portion of some of the filings placed in my office as she is very very proficient at it and enjoys it and is one of the most professional dental assistants with whom I have had the pleasure of working. But today allowed me a little time to work on preparing and filling an anterior tooth on an older gentleman whose teeth had seen some life. Matching the exact shade, shape, and angulation of his tooth to maintain his smile was a challenge. What is perfection? Is it really achievable by us I am not sure I have the answer to that question. But I do know striving for it is key to my pursuit of happiness in my career on a daily basis.