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We did several fillings on a 5-year-old at the end of the day today. The day I discussed his decay with his mother she was surprised at his relapse as it seemed we had his decay under control. I was as well considering we have discussed oral hygiene and diet several times as he has been our patient since he was two years old.

At the end of that discussion, we realized that it was likely due to his use of a “sippy cup” throughout the afternoon. So with some cartoons on the monitor in front of him and some “Iron Man Gas” ie laughing gas, we set off to complete his dental work. Things went well and our work was completed quickly and mother and son were happy and off to get some ice cream later.

It’s situations like these that remind me that fighting tooth decay is a battle. You can improve things and increase dental knowledge but it takes staying on point and creating good habits and sticking to them. I was very happy to hear that they threw out his sippy cups the day they found out about his cavities.

We’ve also been working on several new videos for the site of patient interviews, and they should be up on the page soon. I think the finished product gives a nice summary of what we do on a day in and day out basis.