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It’s Saturday and I’m reflecting on our busy day at the office yesterday. As usual, when school is out we see many more children. Yesterday was no exception. I titled this post “Manic Mondays” as well, but in a dental office, Mondays are not the only manic days. Fridays are too. Emergencies, soon to be emergencies and in general the last day of the work week brings something extra to the workday. Not to mention the majority of Dentists in my area are not open on Friday, while I am.

Seeing Children while also seeing adults is a comfortable switch to me because I have always seen both children and adults in my career. Especially in my first year of elective dental residency. I shared a clinic with a Pediatric resident on specific days of the month. Three chairs, the two of us taking care of as many children as we could in a day. Often these were some of the most rewarding days of that year. I could easily go home and reflect on the possible changes I had helped make in a young person’s life. Dental disease is an inheritable disease. Although new evidence is suggesting we get specific oral bacteria from our parents as children, this is not the only factor. Ideas, concepts, dietary habits, and general knowledge as well as actual time a caregiver has to spend with their child often dictates their knowledge base on a subject until they are able to do their own thinking. But often with rudimentary habits, this thinking may not change and subjects will continue to be done as they were in previous generations. This is where educating children and caregivers becomes so very important. As well as screenings by other specialists at proper times. Especially Orthodontists, when it comes to space issues and growth. I consider myself gatekeeper to the orthodontic care system and do my best from the first visit with a child as young as 2 or 3 to give the parents a readout on where I think they need to be concerned, dentally as well as facial growth and development and possible dentofacial orthopedics. And to re-express that the Orthodontic community at large recommends a screening for all children by the age of 7.

So we had a busy day treating many children while also adults which means I have to shift my patient interaction because most adults are not satisfied to watch SpongeBob SquarePants on the screen while we take care of them, haha.

Music yesterday at the office has been a lot of Steely Dan (my Favorite at work besides Fleetwood Mac) and Michael McDonald and in general 70’s classic rock.

But today at home I’m trying to find new songs from the Hunger Games Soundtrack. Yes, I am caught up in the Hunger Games as are many. It appeals to the sci-fi elements I enjoy and stars a Kentucky girl of course! Plus its easy reading, and when you are as busy as I am it fun to just burn through a book. And this soundtrack produced by T-Bone Burnett looks to stand up to all his other classic soundtrack with Songs by Arcade fire and several others. I’m not sure about this whole Taylor Swift Civil wars thing but we shall see. I can say I do like the Decemberists track a bit better than the Arcade Fire track. Folk music seems to be making a big come back these days. But it does fit the Appalachian type home that Katniss comes from, so I guess it makes sense here.