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I haven’t written a lot this summer because I have been very busy. What began as helping another local dentist out has ended with having an additional location at which I will be practicing dentistry. We have also welcomed a new Dr. to our Chamberlain Lane office who will also be working at the Eastern Parkway office. Dr. Kassandra Kulb has joined our staff and I am pleased to say she is one of the brightest and hardest working dentists I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with in private practice.

So I’ve been busy working at both offices this summer while Dr. Kulb became a new mother. We look forward to seeing her family grow as our dental family grows as well. I’m glad to have her back because in the interim I’ve been working nine and ten hour days taking care of both offices. She is here today at the office doing her normal, professional, confident version of dentistry that I love.

In other news its NFL season now. So Fantasy Football is in full swing and I’m happy I think I picked up a couple of good players in Eli Manning (oops not last night) and Cam Newton. As usual, I also got My Steelers for Defense. This week is going to be a tough one because Tony Romo has already hit me for 35.

Today we are flashing back to last year listening to The Bird and the Bee cover Hall and Oates.