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I love teeth. I’m not sure how true that is because if I loved them so much I wouldn’t have taken so many of them out over the years, right? Well not so much as they say. Some teeth are just too costly to repair, some are non-restorable and some are even removed from young people for orthodontics. A few folks even have extra ones, you be surprised how many folks have fewer or more than the most often seen 32.

But what I don’t like about teeth is when people have to make financial decisions while making dental decisions. Sometimes this is due to neglect and others it’s just a lack of education or even bad luck. But money doesn’t grow on trees and nothing is truly free. Often I hear “well I didn’t have insurance for a long time” but if asked many of these folks with dental problems have nice clothes and cars and the latest Apple or Samsung mobile device with its data plan and a nice protective case. In a lot of cases, a monthly cell phone bill is more than the recommended twice a year cleaning.

Even if dental care or medical care were free people would probably still go to bed after a tasty Coca-Cola or as it could also be described caramel colored, acidic, high fructose corn syrup beverage. Many of these caramel soda pops can be used to clean the build-up off of batteries, yet many are surprised they are bad for their teeth. So even if money grew on trees many of the people that don’t visit the dentist wouldn’t have great teeth because they don’t love them. But I’m sure they would have nice cars, clothes and cell phones or iPads or whatever was cool to have in their social network and socio-economic area. We’ve been playing a wide mix of music these days but it seems Dave Matthews has snuck back into rotation and also up front the hygiene area and reception seems to have added in some country music to its mix: a little more Toby, Kenny, and Sugarland seems to be floating around the office. I’ve been stuck on the last two Eric Church albums.