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The Whole Body Connection

There is new information every day on how much our bodies speak with our environment and within separate parts with each other. I recently read a…

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Technology in Louisville

I don’t often get the time I want to simply explore business and technology news and my city. I was able to get some time today to just sip coffee…

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Nick Drake and Social Media

I haven’t written on the blog in a while but that’s because I’ve been busy trying to figure out social media. Guess what? I haven’t figured out much.…

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Patient Relationships

It often occurs to me differences in how people feel about their teeth. There are many very financially secure and successful people who simply do…

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Dental Priorities

We recently had a situation where we had a patient who had neglected their dental care to the extreme. This young man was really pushing the envelope…

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Peoples’ Perceptions

I recently had a situation where a person said something negative about our practice. When in fact what they stated on the internet is actually…

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