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I haven’t written on the blog in a while but that’s because I’ve been busy trying to figure out social media. Guess what? I haven’t figured out much. But I do have a post a week strategy to at least like things on Facebook and put up something someone might find funny.

We’ve been active at the offices doing marketing via direct mail and getting to know people in the area. I am still amazed at folks who live down the street but don’t know we are there until they get a postcard from us. I just had someone ask us yesterday how long we had been there because they had never seen us. Needless to say, that spurns me on to do my best to let everyone know we are at 3707 Chamberlain Lane and 1169 Eastern Parkway in Louisville taking care of people’s dental needs.

I have been on a big Nick Drake kick lately. One of these days I will figure out how to post videos again. If you are not familiar with Nick Drake he died about 40 years ago, so that might be why, but he was an amazing singer and songwriter. He performed a song called Pink Moon that you may have heard in a VW commercial 8-10 years ago haha. He was a great singer but his songs have an overwhelming sense of melody that in a way reminds me of a current singer whose band is called Beirut. In this case, the singer’s voice sort of becomes a melody in the song and the lyrics almost become an instrument. Check him out I don’t think you will be disappointed.

In teeth news this week has been about in my opinion doing the best thing the first time. In dentistry, folks will often ask us to “make something work” because it’s “cheaper” or easier.” I can safely say that cheaper or easier is often not the best route. Steven Covey talks about Beginning with The End in Mind. This applies ever so importantly in dentistry. If we know something may cost 40-60 percent more but will last ten times as long there becomes a dollar cost average over the lifespan of the procedure or item. I hope that over the next two decades we can do far more dental implants and increase the longevity of the dentition in our patients.