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I don’t often get the time I want to simply explore business and technology news and my city. I was able to get some time today to just sip coffee and wait for the laundry to dry and just explored. First, there was already not news to me about the new venture of the Hammerheads and Game owners over in the Loop area of the Deer Park neighborhood of Louisville. Those that know me are aware that I am a foodie and am a real nosey person when it comes to new places opening and in general all food-related news. These guys really appear to have a vision to bring friends along the way with them and when I’ve seen them interact with Anthony Lamas about food and food shows they all seem to embody a joy of cooking and good food you can’t have without being genuine.

I also saw that our Mayor Greg Fisher was speaking at the Code for America Summit in San Francisco. The good old-fashioned curmudgeon in me asked exactly what our tax dollars were doing sending this fine man to the west coast….but then I just quieted down and started reading the article about his discussion of transparency in government and just took it all in. After that, I read about and jumped to something very interesting.

This particular web page (or startup I’m not really sure) lets one input their zip or address to get crime stats and news very hyperlocal. It even told me about a new BBQ place I had heard of in the neighborhood that I wasn’t quite sure where it was located, and it gave me the opportunity to jump to the BBQ place’s Yelp. This service seems ready to really make life hyperlocal it is called Louie Watch (beta). Look for it and I think you will at the very least find it interesting.

I always try to give a feel for what I am listening to and today that is a double live Album by the Tedeschi Trucks Band. These two make great music as well as a beautiful family. I remember hearing stories back in the day of the two performing gigs in Louisville or Lexington and when one was performing the other might be hopping in their Volvo wagon and driving to the other city to perform. I don’t know how true that is but I like to imagine these two awesome musicians having a wonderful family at home as well as on the road. Sounds like a movie screenplay to me…but what do I know. I have been a fan of Derek since he was practically a prodigy playing with the Allman Brothers and I saw Suzanne Tedeschi way back in the day in Lexington, what a soulful voice she brings to their sound.