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I am reflecting on cosmetic dentistry today. We seated a denture last week and as I have mentioned before this was indeed cosmetic dentistry. But above all, it was just good solid dental care. The individual needed their remaining teeth removed and we did that and placed a very beautiful full complete denture in place. The patient is very pleased and his smile looks better than it has for years.

This is a point I often make when I can to our team and patients. Cosmetic dentistry is not a specialty of dentistry, it is not a group, or test or a badge, it is an attitude and that attitude is reflected in everything from the shade of a composite filling to the all of the many other items we do in our offices. Whitening, Invisalign, and even dentures are cosmetic procedures.

Many people think of dentistry as a want-based purchase in parts of the areas we draw our patients from here in Louisville. Others view it as a need-based purchase because they understand that the health of their mouth and surrounding oral soft tissues affects their entire body. Educating patients about these facts is part of our job every day. Our work isn’t just in the procedures we do to care for our patients, it is in educating them and passing along our decades of experience to them on a daily basis.