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It’s the Polar Vortex here in Louisville and school is closed. I know its affecting things in Louisville when I visit the local Target to find it practically empty. Who would have ever thought that anything could keep people out of their neighborhood Taaaarget, as I’ve heard it pronounced. I am an avid follower of the daily and weekly economic news and I often stop and consider how the economy and our lives and workplaces are affected by weather.

A great example is last winter and spring was unseasonably warm year which allowed a lot of extra construction and new housing starts which helped fuel the growth of our economy and its recovery. This year it is quite different–over nine thousand airline flights are canceled. I will be interested in seeing the economic effects of this Polar Vortex has had on our U.S. economy.

Our offices are open because we love what we do and there are people that are willing to brave the ultra-cold temperatures to care for their teeth.