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If you haven’t heard we are building a new office on Poplar Level Road here in Louisville. I have been very busy with the planning and execution of this new office. I know our current and future patients will really enjoy this more practical and easily accessible location in the retail centre with the Wal-Mart Neighborhood market, Q-doba and Panera Bread and Chili’s.
Our Address will be 3017 Poplar level road in the shopping centre facing the Wal-Mart.

We hope to open near March 15, 2015. We look forward to showing you are bright beautiful new practice location to better serve Germantown, the Highlands and Audubon Park. We will be posting photos of progress soon.

Of course, as anyone who knows me can tell you we’ve been playing a lot of Fleetwood Mac at the office since they will be playing at the Yum Center soon but also I have to admit it was me who made the Ed Shereen Pandora station at the office so please forgive me.