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Summertime comes and goes every year. Yet it seems like its a special that might run out any time and those gray Kentucky winter days will be here again. It’s a great time to focus on your smile, whether just making sure to show it a little more with your summer tan or to get it where it needs to be. Summer would be a great time to whiten one’s teeth, come in for an overdue cleaning or just get a solid checkup and information about one’s dental health.

Summer is also a great time to take a vacation as several of our patients have done. I have not though. I’m never sure if “Blogging” should have a conversational casual tone where one might type “HaHa” as one would in a text message. For future reference in case you would like to know I am definitely a haha person and not really a LOL er…And on that note are emojis appropriate for blogging? Again I’m not sure.

As far as music at the offices goes, we’ve been sneaking in some country music here and there. At our Poplar office, we recently made the switch to online music from our old school “boombox” that came with the practice when it joined us it at Eastern Parkway. In fact, we’ve also been taking requests and on Wednesday played some surf music at the request of a patient and everyone enjoyed some Beach Boys and Jan and Dean. In my personal office its been a mix of Classical from our local public radio station WUOL and archived Grateful Dead shows. I went to my first and last Grateful Dead concert last year, mostly because they won’t ever play again as the Grateful Dead.

In dentistry notes, we’ve done some anterior implant crowns with great results as well as some cosmetically excellent removable partial dentures as well as all the fun ‘regular” things like crowns, fillings, bridges and other “cool” stuff haha.