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The rules have changed. Sir Paul probably had no idea he would be touring in his 60’s and still rocking as hard as he is on his current tour. Many of us probably would never have guessed we would be where we are but many of us are starting to realize we might make it to 70 or 80.

It’s become a shifting landscape that I am happy to be a part of as we change the age we expect to not just live but thrive to in our later years. At our practice, we plan for the situation to have our patients be able to eat and enjoy their food and smile in their 80s if possible.

This has become part of my ethos as a dental professional most especially after I had a patient about to celebrate her 90th birthday. She and I talked for a moment and she reflected that if someone had told her at 50, forty years ago, that she would be living in her own home and driving herself to her dentist appointment she wouldn’t have believed it possible. We all have to balance the concept of living to 90 or being gone tomorrow and follow our own path with decision making.

In the office we have been listening to several out of town radio stations via the wonders of the interwebs. We’ve played a bit of St. Paul and the Broken Bones who are a great live act. In the front in our Chamberlain Lane office and waiting are we have mixed in some chamber music covers of popular rock and pop which are very interesting when they are mixed in with our normal Classic Rock and Country. At our Poplar Level Road office it seems to always sway heavily towards classic rock then will veer steeply into modern pop music until I really just need or feel the need to have my patients listen to some Steely Dan or Fleetwood Mac.