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“Sippy Cups”

We did several fillings on a 5-year-old at the end of the day today. The day I discussed his decay with his mother she was surprised at his relapse…

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Dental Education

“Somebody Doesn’t have a case of the Mondays”

That’d be me I’m in the office working my tail off as an assistant I worked with years ago used to…

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Wearing All the Hats

As a private practice dentist I wear a lot of proverbial hats. These are not just “dentist” if that was the case my work life would have its ups and…

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Striving for Perfection

Realistic Goals are very important in the practice of any career or art. Dentistry is difficult sometimes because one does not always have the…

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Preventing Tooth Loss

The last few days we have had to deal with some dental heroics that were done for patients in the past. The number of “Baby Boomers” who have teeth…

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