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Invisalign in Louisville, KY

Are your teeth misaligned and troublesome? Are you tired of looking at jagged teeth that make it difficult to bite properly and can sometimes get in the way of being able to speak properly?

If you’re struggling with crooked teeth and are tired of dealing with it, contact East Springs Dental in Louisville, KY. We can correct your misaligned teeth and malocclusions with braces that you’ll love. For a discreet alignment process that will provide you with the results of normal braces without the hassle and visible appearance, Invisalign braces are the dental straightening solution for you.

Straightening Gear Only You Will Notice

When you choose Invisalign from East Springs Dental in Louisville, KY, you’re choosing a great product that’s healthy for your teeth and your self-esteem. You won’t have to worry about changing your habits or cleaning routine, and few people will notice that you’re wearing your aligners at all. You can continue to do your favorite activities, see your favorite people, and eat your favorite foods, all while straightening your teeth.

Benefits and Costs

The benefits and conveniences of Invisalign braces are numerous. While they’re more expensive than traditional braces, they’re well worth the extra cost, especially if your insurance will cover it. The price of your treatment will vary depending upon your needs and how many sets of aligners you’ll require for optimal results. The braces allow you to straighten your teeth discreetly. Since they’re practically invisible, few people will be able to tell you’re wearing them. When worn for a minimum of 20 hours a day, they offer stunning results that last.

With these braces, you can keep eating and drinking like normal—no having to avoid your favorite foods or coffee. You’ll just need to remove your Invisalign braces to eat and drink and then brush your teeth before you put them back in. Every one to two weeks, you’ll begin wearing a new set of aligners (if you feel a bit more pressure when you wear a new aligner, that means they’re working!). You won’t have to worry about brackets or wires breaking and causes rush visits to our office, and you’ll only need to come in every six to eight weeks to pick up your next batches of aligners.

What’s the Process?

When you decide you want Invisalign braces, you’ll first come in for a consultation. We’ll examine your teeth and make sure that you’re a good candidate for this form of dental straightening, as well as show you the results that they have offered other patients with similarly misaligned teeth.

Once the consultation is complete, we’ll do a digital scan of your teeth to help us customize a personalized treatment plan just for you. Our expert dentist will be able to tweak the plan to provide the best results for your smile. Then, we’ll show you what your smile should look like at the end of the treatment.

The next step is when your Invisalign braces are custom-crafted just for you in the lab. They’re made to fit comfortably while still providing pressure to gently shift your teeth into place. When they’re ready, you’ll be able to come by and pick them up. We’ll see how they fit, how you like them, and give you general guidelines for proper care during the process. After the first day, you’ll come back every six weeks or so to check on your progress and pick up your next batch of aligners.

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