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Porcelain Fillings in Louisville, KY

Did you recently have a major dental infection that’s left your tooth misshapen, weak, and vulnerable? Has decay wreaked havoc on a tooth and you want to make sure it’s protected for the future?

If you’ve struggled with the effects of dental infection and decay, consider getting porcelain fillings from East Springs Dental in Louisville, KY. These porcelain fillings, also called indirect fillings, are generally used when there’s moderate damage from decay but not enough existing structure left for a whole crown to be secured.

Our professional staff is friendly and equipped with expert knowledge and the finest technology to ensure your experience is an excellent one. Whether you need porcelain onlays or inlays from infection or decay, we can assist you in restoring your smile and keeping it protected so you can enjoy it for years to come. For the best dental care in the state from the most knowledgeable team, visit East Springs Dental today.

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A porcelain inlay is a great way to restore your tooth to its former strength, appearance, and capabilities after infection and decay have ravaged it. Crafted from porcelain in a laboratory, inlays are used to restore a tooth that hasn’t sustained damage to its cusp.

A form of indirect filling, porcelain inlays are applied directly to your tooth to help protect it from further damage and strengthen its structure. Since it’s crafted from porcelain, it’s a discreet way to restore your tooth after an injury or decay. The decay and infection in the tooth will be cleaned out with dental tools and then an impression of your tooth will be made and sent to the lab for your inlay to be created.

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Another form of porcelain fillings are porcelain onlays. Porcelain onlays are similar to inlays in that they’re an indirect filling that’s used to restore the tooth. They’re also barely noticeable due to being made from porcelain. However, onlays are generally utilized when more of the tooth’s structure is damaged, including the cusp, making inlays impossible to use. An onlay will cover the entire portion of your tooth, similar to a crown, but it’s a less aggressive approach to restoration than crowns are. Less of the tooth has to be cleared out in order for a porcelain onlay to be put in place.

The process for these porcelain fillings is similar to inlays. When you come into our office, we’ll clean out the dead and damaged tissue in your tooth and make a mold of it. A temporary onlay will be placed while your permanent onlay is created, and then you’ll come back to have the permanent one put in place.

Which One Is Right for You?

Our expert dentist will be able to examine your tooth to decide which of these porcelain fillings is the best option for your tooth. If the damage is minor and doesn’t affect the biting structure of your tooth, we’ll likely be able to place an inlay to repair it. However, if the damage affects a larger area and/or the biting structure, we’ll need to place an onlay on your tooth for optimal results.

Whichever of the porcelain fillings you need, rely on our superior team at East Springs Dental in Louisville, KY, to take excellent care of your teeth. You’ll never regret investing in your smile and the health of your mouth.

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